What type of private jet, business jet JALBA can offer?
We can offer a wide variety of aircrafts. Discover your favorite fleet from "List of Aircraft".
Is the aircraft operated by JAL?
No. We will offer the aircrafts which satisfy JAL and JALBA safety standards.
For the group charter, JAL aircraft can also be chartered out. Kindly note that it is highly subject to availablity.
Is one-way charter possible?
We are happy to arrange charter flight for (i) One-way (ii) Return (iii) Round. Overview can be found under "Flight Plans"
Can I transit from JAL scheduled flight to private jet charter flight?
Yes. You will enjoy the seamless airport transfer. JAL staff will assist and escort your transfer from JAL scheduled flight to JALBA charter flight in a major JAL online airport.
For details, you can check the "Passenger Flow Route" .
Can I transit from a non-JAL commercial flight to JALBA charter flight?
Yes. Please pass through the security gate and come to the meeting point. Staff is waiting there and will guide you to shipside. Image can be found in "Passenger Flow Route".
At some airports, you can add board to board service for an extra charge.
How do I board a private jet?
Waiting time is much less than flying with commercial jet.
When you charter a commercial type aircraft, the movement at airport can be the same as scheduled flight.
What can I eat and drink on board?
Medium and Large aircraft will have a seasonal food menu and a wider selection of drinks onboard. Both can be arranged to suit your tastes.
Small aircraft will have a limited selection of food and beverages onboard or they may not even be available. When it comes to commecial-size aircraft, the catering service tends to be equilivant to the scheduled flight.
Can I use Wi-Fi on board?
Some aircrafts are equipped with Wi-Fi. Costs depend on the aircrafts. Kindly note that smaller aircrafts does not have Wi-Fi in most cases.
Can I fly with my pet?
Yes. Dogs, cats, small birds, etc. that fit in a pet crate that can pass through the boarding gate can travel with you in the cabin.
For details, please refer to "Benefits(Travel with Your Pet)".
What is included in the charter fee?
The services listed in this quotation includes the operating company's transportation service, airport handling charges, landing charges, airborne charges, crew expenses, and other expenses necessary for flight arrangements.
If you use a De-Icing services (when snow, low temperature), satellite phone, WiFi, etc. on board (depending on equipment equipment), you will be charged a separate actual cost.
By when should I pay the charter fee?
Following the execution of charter arrangement contract, the aircraft will be secured for you upon your payment.
What is the cancellation policy like?
It depends on the operator. In most cases, 25% of cancellation charge would be incurred.
Will I get any miles for JALBA charter flight?
Yes. Please refer to the flight mile table in "Benefits(Accumulating Mileage)"
Can I use miles for JALBA charter flight?
Yes. For details, kindly see "Benefits(Use JAL Mileage)".
How do I make an Inquiry?
Please contact us for any inquiries by "Contact form", "E-mail", or "phone".

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