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Ground Handling Services

  • ‐ Let us handle all airport services for overseas guests arriving in Japan.
  • ‐ We provide high-quality service through a reliable network that fully leverages JAL's resources.
  • ‐ By also providing ground handling services for customers using charter flight services to and from Japan, we are able to offer seamless and attentive services.

Available Services

  1. Full ground service arrangements
    Our high quality ground handling services, including marshalling, lavatory, potable water, towing, and step car services are all provided in accordance with JAL standards.
  2. Catering arrangements
    We recommend JAL ROYAL CATERING (JRC). JRC can accommodate a wide variety of cuisine styles, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines. We can also make arrangements with renowned hotels at your request. *2
  3. Airport slots / spots application
    Obtain slots/spots for you at each airport.
  4. CIQ coordination
    Process applications for customs, immigration, and quarantine.
  5. Business aviation terminal arrangements
    Arrange for FBOs with a reputation for confidentiality and amenity. *1
  6. Crew/Passenger ground transportation arrangements
    Provide safe and comfortable ground transportation.
  7. Baggage handling
    In addition to loading and unloading, we can also provide porter services at the airport.
  8. Permit application
    Apply for flight permission on your behalf.
  9. Hotel arrangements
    Make hotel reservations on your behalf as well as recommend hotels.
  10. Fuel arrangements
    Arrange for fueling by the fueling company at the time you designate. *3
  11. Maintenance support
    Support will be provided upon request.
  1. *1 Some airports do not have FBOs.
  2. *2 Available menu items will vary depending on the available ingredients and policies at each hotel/restaurant.
  3. *3 Please place orders by contacting the fuel supply company directly.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like details regarding any of the above services or if you have questions concerning other services.

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