JAL Business Aviation Officially Launches Service to Enhance the Business Jet Market in Japan

September 24, 2019

(Joint Release)
Japan Airlines / Marubeni

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Marubeni today announced the launch of a new business jet service company, JAL Business Aviation (JAL BA), established on January 11th, 2019.
JAL BA is now registered as an official business in the travel industry and will offer 3 services, including charter flight arrangement services as shown below.

Service offered by JAL Business Aviation

Charter Flight Arrangement

  • Based on the customers’ request, JALBA will select the proper operator and arrange the charter flight with safety and comfort throughout the world.
  • JALBA will arrange 1. Connection Charter Service and Charter Flights between oversea cities 2. Charter Flights out of Japan 3. Charter Flights within Japan.
  • JALBA will offer an escort service when connecting from a JAL scheduled flight to a chartered connection flight.
  • JALBA customers are able to earn predetermined sector miles based on the charter flight.

The image of the connection from a scheduled flight

Operation Support & Ground Handling

  • JALBA will arrange the ground handling, and the other related services for the flight at the airport in Japan.

Management of the Aircraft

  • JALBA will cooperate with one of the major business jet operators, Jet Aviation, and arrange the flight and crew coordination, hangar and maintenance service necessary for the owner.

JALBA strives to offer services of the highest quality by not only arranging the charter flight as a mobility service, but by also being involved in all related business jet operation services, including aircraft management and maintenance.
JAL, offering a worldwide network to 406 cities with its codeshare partners, and Marubeni with the knowledge accumulated in the business aviation industry, will make its best efforts to improve the infrastructure in this field and contribute toward the economic-rejuvenation and development of Japan by offering services and products that will maximize the customer`s time spent traveling.


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