About Business Jet Charters

We select the optimal aircraft for our charter flight services according to the destination and purpose,
and suggest various flight services to match your travel needs.
*The following maps show some example charter flight routes. We can fly to any destination according to your needs.

International Flights

You can fly to Asia, the U.S., Europe, and even destinations for which no direct commercial flights are available.

Direct Flights Direct Flights

Connecting Flights

Fly to overseas cities flexibly and comfortably.
Make smoother and easier connections to commercial flights.

Direct Flights Direct Flights

Domestic Flights

We offer on-demand domestic charter services in Japan.

Direct Flights Direct Flights

Charter Flight Services

Transit services

  • • Our staff will assist you when connecting from a JAL flight to a business jet flight, and vice versa.

Earning miles

  • • JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members can earn miles according to the type of charter flight and the destination (complete itinerary).
International flights between Japan and North, Central and South America: 3,000 miles per person
Europe/Russia/Middle East/Africa: 3,000 miles per person
Asia/Oceania: 2,000 miles per person
Overseas regional flights 1,500 miles per person regardless of destination
Domestic flights 500 miles per person regardless of destination
  • Please let us know your JMB membership number when requesting a charter flight. Requests for mileage credit cannot be accepted after a charter flight has been booked.
  • The miles will be added at the end of the month following the month in which the last departure date falls.
  • Miles are not earned according to the number of miles flown.

Ground Handling Services

  • • Let us handle all airport services for overseas guests arriving in Japan on business jets.
  • • We provide high-quality service through a reliable network that fully leverages JAL's resources.
  • • By also providing ground handling services for customers using charter flight services to and from Japan, we are able to offer seamless and attentive services.

Owner Aircraft Management Services

  • • We offer support for operations management of privately owned jets, including scheduling flights, arranging for hangars, aircraft maintenance, and dispatching crews.


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